New Facebook Page!


I now have a Facebook page where I will be posting different types of artwork that I have done; drawings, greeting cards, photography, etc. Check it out and give it a “like”!

Lisa Davey, Artwork

It is a work in progress but I am slowly adding previous pieces on there, and will continue to update any latest projects.

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!


Revamp – 2013

I am currently starting to change over the photos from the old website to this one. I am also getting familiar with WordPress again because let’s face it, when you’ve been away from something for a LONG time you tend to forget how everything works, but then you get back into the groove on things. Thank you, and sit tight!


1. Change website
2. Re-edit photos
3. Add new photos
4. Add new information

It was a time, a long, long, time ago…

…Since I have posted here, wow!!! Where does the time go??

Anyways, I am looking at the previous posts of the photos and with new information and views I have now, I am thinking I will do a little “revamp” of things here soon (which really means over the summer). I will re-do some of the old photos with a different watermark, maybe different sizing, and I may even add in some newer photos…. Stay tuned!!